King Sweeney

Sweeny was a king condemned by an angry cleric to wander, naked and nervous as a bird throughout Ireland. Sweeney's Crown
Sweeney's Crown 39x31cm
Any sharp sound , like the ringing of a bell, would send Sweeney into madness. Sweeney at Rest
Sweeney at Rest 30x33cm
Because of the curse he began to levitate and move about like a bird. Sweeney Transforms
Sweeney Transforms 30x33cm
Being bird-like he could never trust humans but fled from place to place, naked and hungry. Sweeney Calls
Sweeney Calls 13 x 18 cms

Near Lough Gill, in county Sligo, Sweeney fought with a Cailleach, a wise woman, and both of them in their struggle transformed into geese and dived into the lake.

Where this happened, at the eastern end of the Ox mountains, there is to this day a lake called Loch Dagee, Lake of the Two Geese.

Lough Dagee
Lough Dagee 61x76cm


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