Red Woman

Finn 23x32cm

Finn, son of Cumhail

Hunting Part 28 x 32 cms

Finn and his companions were hunting.

The White Dog 12 x 24 inches

They saw a strange creature being chased by a Red Woman.

She Becomes a Woman Again 20 x 45 cms

Their offer to help was refused.

The Red Woman Turns Into a Serpent 41 x 51 cms

Finn and the Woman fought. She turned into a serpent in the struggle.

The Mist Cleared 25 x 30 cms

Later, the hunt continued across Ireland.

Knocknaree 61x76cm

They reached Knocknaree.

Knocknaree Table 31x31cm

They all went inside for a feast.

Finn and the Red Woman 14x23cm

They found the brightness of the sun and the moon.

Away From Them 28 x 38 cms

The Red Woman invited Finn to go with her to the Country of the Young but he declined her offer.

They Returned to the Comeraghs 61x76cm

Finn and his companions returned home.


The Comeragh Mountains

On The Mountain 25 x 30 cms  


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