Mannan Mac Lir

Beyond The Sea

Mannan was ruler of Emhain, a world beyond the seas.

Mannan Mac Lir 21 x 25 cms

Mannan apears throughout the mythology in different forms, a being of diving origin, a shape shifter.

Apple Tree at Emhain

Emhain, the country of Manann, is a place of delight and beauty, of music and the arts.


It is a land without grief, without sorrow, without death.

The Silver Branch from Emhain 61 x 76 cms

Emhain of the apples is home to the Silver Branch. Because of its beauty, Bran makes his way into the realm of Emhain.

She Brought the Branch

Every colour is shining there - in the Gentle Voiced Plain and the Silver Cloud Plain.

Lough Corrib 51 x 56 cms

One time, after the Battle of Magh Cuilenn, Mannan was buried standing upright in a red bog. A great lake burst up from under his feet. The lake, Lough Corrib, (Lough Oirbsiu) takes its name from Mannan who was known as Oirbsiu.

Clodagh River 61 x 76 cms

Mannan told Cormac that those who are wise in the Arts drink from many streams.

Mannan Entertains With a Magic Trick 25 x 30 cms

Mannan in his guise of a trickster played pranks which resulted in serious trouble.

The Poets and Artists of Ireland Roof Their Houses With Feathers 21 x 26 cms

Mannan explained to Cormac that the people he had seen working hard trying to roof their houses with feathers were the poets and artists of Ireland.

Creating Corrib

Orbsiu (Mannan) creates Lough Corrib.

Out of the Crane Bag 61 x 36 cms

Mannan had a special bag made of crane skin from which he drew all sorts of wonders.

Clew Bay

Mannan came to Clew Bay to hunt the wild pig which wasted the country.

Tiabhal the Sea Queen 38 x 55 cms

As a blacksmith he made a shield with the image of ocean queen Tiabhal on it. The shield had magical powers to protect.


Mannan Mac Lir Appears

Mannan makes the mists and weather between the worlds.



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